Winning the Data War

It's election night. Results pour in. Did you get every possible vote? Don't spend the next two
or four years asking, "what if?"

The difference between victory and defeat is sound planning. That starts with the right data.

Be the first in your race to see emerging opportunities.

Place every ad and plant every sign at the right time in the right place.

Together, we will build a winning strategy.

Know your Voters

Polling can exhaust your resources before you even gain traction.
There is a better way.

Tracking internet traffic can show how and where your message resonates.

If you do need to commission traditional phone polling, we are equipped for that, too. Phone polling is always expensive, but our rates are competitive.

Project Future Trends

Voters and voting patterns change. This is especially true in Arizona, where new residents pour in each year. Stay ahead of your competition by projecting future voter
makeup and turnout.

On election day, you want your best campaigners at the busiest polling places. Project voter
turnout accurately for the best ground game.

Data is key to winning the ground game on election day.

Know the Terrain

Good maps show you at a glance where your voters are.

The candidate below won his primary, but needed more west side votes to survive the general election. Because he had the data, we were able to adjust and win in November.

Don't allow your campaign to have blind spots. We will build informative maps like the ones below, and explain what they mean for your campaign.